Kim Kardashian & Ray J
Kim Kardashian & Ray J
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Kim Kardashian is crowned the sex tape queen.  The world debates whether or not this former valley girl has talent, but after you see her sex tape you will know why she holds the crown as the queen of sex tapes.  Kim takes it like a champ with that wild crooner Ray J!

February 1, 2007 her greatest dream and worst nightmare came true...  Kim's 'home video' (aka sex tape) made with former boyfriend, R&B singer Ray J was leaked.  It is obvious from the video this couple was planning on releasing the sex tape because everyone knows only scandal sells. Regardless, Kim K Superstar sex tape is the one of rousing sex tapes of all time and most popular to boot.   More importantly, seeing Kim as you have never her seen her before performing the most awe-inspiring proactive sexual acts.  Kim might be walking down the aisle now, but see Ray J in the real action.

Vivid Entertainment ended up buying the rights to the video for $ 1 million dollars and released the video on February 27 of that same year.  What a month for Kim!  Must have been hard to find a date that year for Valentines Day!  She ended up in 'legal' battles with Vivid for the 'rights’ of the sex tape, which really means she just wanted more money because that ass is worth more than a million dollars baby!  It is a five million dollar ass!  Guarantee that was one of her negotiating tactics with Vivid Entertainment!  She is a classy one.  Kim just figured she could sell herself and then buy some diamonds with all that money she made.  Money can’t buy you class sweetheart.  So watch that Kim Kardashian sex tape inside!

In spite of Kim’s awesome business skills, she made the sexiest sex tape of all time.   Kim is a branding machine, she has her own reality television series, clothing stores, shoes, calendars, and numerous other business ventures that promote her name and keep that sex tape rolling!  A must see video that people will be talking about for years to come!



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